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16 de mayo de 2019


¡Arrancamos nueva etapa en la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria!

Hoy comenzamos un nuevo camino como profesor ayudante doctor en la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Ha sido un verdadero honor haber trabajado durante estos meses en la Universidade da Coruña. ¡Seguimos! 


Dr. Héctor Mendoza Guzmán (1969-2019)

Científico del Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias



Siempre decías que la energía ni se crea ni se destruye, sencillamente se transforma. Eso eras tú, energía pura, en su más amplio sentido. Energía y acción. Acción y compromiso. Es difícil destacar alguna de tus cualidades, en cuanto que has sido ejemplo de virtud para los que tuvieron la suerte de compartir parte de su vida contigo. En medio de la selva nicaragüense, en un congreso internacional del máximo nivel, o en la calle liderando la lucha por los derechos laborales, siempre se alzaba el hombre sereno, dialogante e íntegro. Tu mirada llena de contenido humano. Nuestro querido amigo, eras un creador de sinergias, un científico y un verdadero amigo, siempre dispuesto a dar sin esperar nada a cambio. Un hombre digno, de los que faltan en este mundo y sobresalen por su grandeza, pero sobre todo por su humildad. Eres uno de los grandes, por elección personal, permanentemente situado alejado del foco central. Te marchas y dejas un legado de honestidad a tu paso. Con tu ejemplo, nos regalaste lecciones básicas para tratar de hacer de este mundo un lugar un poco mejor. Gracias por todo lo que nos enseñaste y todo lo que nos diste, desde el amor y la fraternidad. Hasta siempre camarada.


13 de mayo de 2019

Paris, March 8th, 2019


I have just arrived in Paris to participate in the first meeting organized among the members of the Research Grant 18KK0051: "Empirical Studies of Structure and Evolution in Maritime Transport Networks" hold at Paris on 9-10 March 2019. This Research Grant is funded by the Institute of Developing Economies from the Japanese Society of the Promotion of Science. This project, led by Kenmei Tsubota (IDE, Japan) aims to provide valuable contributions on the analysis of maritime networks around the World. I am proudly charged on the analysis of port systems in the African continent in the long run, observing the evolution of historical hierarchies as well as the analysis of path-dependence and path-creation processes. This Research Grant will have a lenght of five years running from 2018-2023. Here we go!

Noviembre 2018, A Coruña (España)

¡Empezando una nueva etapa como profesor contratado interino en la Universidad de A Coruña! Arranco con muchas ganas e ilusión por dar lo mejor de mí para la formación de los estudiantes de la Facultad de Economía y Empresa. Impartiré docencia de Historia Económica, Historia de la Empresa y Mercado de Trabajo en Perspectiva Histórica.


Here we go!


October 1-2 2018, at Saint Malo (France). 


International Meeting and round tables on Maritime Heritage and Economic opportunities. I will participate in this event with an intervention on the analysis of the  "historical" Waterfront at Las Palmas and its possibilities in terms of economic and social development. You will find all the information on the meeting here:

Participation at the XVIII World Economic History Conference, Boston, July-August 2018. 


I have just participated at the XVIII WEHC held at the MIT in Boston. We have presented two papers on our current research issues and also organized a session on Seaports. I enjoyed this trip to the United States where I had the opportunity to meet new colleagues discovering interesting researches too. This has been my last mission related to the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and now, it will be time to think about the future. I have presented my candidature in a number of positions and I hope that I will return to the "battlefields" as soon as possible.

Promotional workshop: History and Geography Degrees at the ULPGC (December 21-22 2017)


It was really great to receive a half-thousand of high-school students to show them the strenghts of our undergraduate programmes. We prepared (with Sebastian Trujillo) a specific workshop about Economic History focused on global inequality in the long run. Some pics here.

5th Conference of the Governance of the Atlantic Ports (University of Las Palmas, 30 november - 2 december 2017).


A successful and very insightful event with more than 60 participants! Thanks to all of them and notably to Prof. Miguel Suárez (co-organizer) and the local organizer staff. 

ACREDITACIÓN PROFESOR CONTRATADO DOCTOR: Hace unas semanas, recibí la feliz noticia de haber sido evaluado de forma positiva como Profesor Contratado Doctor por la ANECA (PCD: 2017-7321). ¡Una excelente noticia que anima a seguir trabajando!





October 6, 2017

PROJECT APPROVED! (15 february 2016)


We have just receive the confirmation that our research project about the Global South ports and the Economic Development in the long run (1850-2010) lead by Professor Miguel Suárez Bosa has been accepted by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity for the period 2016-2019. To know more 


Douglass C. North, co-founder of the Institutional Economic History school dies at 95.

Douglass C. North, Nobel Prize in Economics in 1993 (shared with Robert Fogel) died in the early hours of 25 November 2015. His theoretical contribution to Economic History has been essential in the development of the discipline in recent decades (mainly on Colonial Economic History). His work on the role of political, social and cultural rights in the economic development of the regions institutions continues to be an intellectual reference for researchers, including me. D.Hershey Robert Jr. is responsible for the preparation of an excellent obituary for a world-renowned researcher.


"Douglass C.North obituary", written by D. Hershey Roberts Jr. New York Times.


Photography taken by: Herb Weitman (Washington University, St.Louis). Published by the Washington Post on 11/25/2015. 

STAY IN FRANCE: Lorient, La Rochelle and Nantes.

Lorient, 6th November 2015


I am in France participating in a research-teaching stay in various Universities. This stay began in the Bretagne-Sud University (UBS) and then I will stay in La Rochelle University to finish it in Nantes University. Here, I'm working with the colleagues of the GIS-Histoire Maritime group (CNRS) and I'm giving some talks on Economic and Maritime History. I will visit too the Diplomatic Archives in Nantes in order to analyse the papers on Gambia, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde and the Canaries.

PROJECT APPROVED! (6 October 2015)


I have just receive the confirmation that our research project about the Suez Crisis (1956-1957) has been accepted by the evaluation commision. To know more

XVII Reunión de Economía Mundial, Gijón

[Telde, 08/06/2015]


Last week we had the opportunity to present in Gijón, in the Congress of World Economy, the work we are doing on African ports. Over a hundred papers presented on different aspects of the current economy, with a notable presence of economic historians. Special mention must be made to the inaugural lecture of Professor Fitzgerald and Professor Carles Manera conference on the Great Recession.

The workshop teaching innovation was really interesting and receive interesting contributions that can be applied to teaching in economic history, particularly with regard to the application of new technologies.

Finally, our contribution, made by the professor Mohamed-Chérif was well received, and we are already working on the final version as an article. We miss a little more public in some sessions, where only were the authors and participants. The next goal is to prepare the 10th New Frontiers in African Economic History Network, to be held in Wageninfen in October 2015. To this an agenda full of events at conferences and stays in various French universities will join.

XVII Reunión de Economía Mundial, Gijón (2-6 June 2015)

They have a couple of weeks for the celebration of the XVIII Meeting of World Economy at the University of Oviedo (Gijón). I will participate with two communications in Congress: the first will be an assessment of the implementation of the MA in African Studies, and especially the subject of Economic History of Africa, in the Teaching Innovation Workshop.


The second communication, is a joint work with Professor Mohamed-Cherif (École Nationale Maritime Bou-Ismail, Algiers) on the evolution of port systems in the Maghreb and West Africa between 1880 and 1929. We will continue reporting on the development of this event and its preparation.


Website of the Congress: XVII Reunión de Economía Mundial