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African Ports Historical Database (1880-2010s) (Forthcoming, 2017)


African Maritime Economic History

Bibliography – author list, 19th-21st centuries

(2016 edition, v.2.0)

Introduction and main goals.

This bibliography comprises materials used in my researches on the African Maritime Economic History. It mostly includes references for the Northwestern African regions but we recently began to expand our research to the southern regions until the Gulf of Guinea. So, we have decided to change the title of the first version in order to incorporate more regions we are studying now. It is clear that this bibliography will be improved in the next years, mainly on Southern and Eastern regions but other West African maritime regions too (mainly former British territories). We will accept the challenge!

In this version (year 2016) we have distributed the references by countries (in alphabetical order and current name) to facilitate the research work and the compilation of sources. A previous index of contents (countries) has been introduced too. Finally, you could find an author index (last section). We expect that these changes on the overall structure of the bibliography will be useful. The list is intended as a research aid and is not exhaustive. We will introduce new references for the next version (2017 ed.).